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New Orleans is truly like no other city in this nation. 
Having a culture that has been created over centuries of different European, Caribbean, African, Asian and American influences, it has taken on the personality of a true international city. You will eat in some of the best restaurants in the world. If it is worth eating, New Orleans has it. Music inhabits the streets of the French Quarter: music is the lifeblood of the city and you can find it almost anywhere. Major performing arts go on year around; the Saints and the Hornets are stronger than ever - and so much more. New Orleans has it all. Below we've provided just a small sampling of what New Orleans is all about. These few links will take you to a deeper understanding of how special this city is. And this only scratches the surface.


Food - New Orleans' food is its reason d'etre. Cuisine that has been influenced by centuries of international, regional and purely local flavor can't be beat. In New Orleans, you might find that the traditional 'Freshman 15' turns out to be the 'Freshman 30' if you're not careful. You'll quickly become familiar with seafood, po-boys, Cajun, creole and a host of other uniquely New Orleans offerings.

Shopping - If you are a shopper, you'll never tire of the options this city has to offer. Whether it is the air conditioned comfort of an indoor mall, or the eclectic choices of a bazaar-like street, you won't be disappointed.
French Quarter
Magazine St.
River Walk
Arts - A thriving art and peforming arts scene gives a nod to New Orleans' historical role as a cultural mecca.
New Orleans Ballet Association
New Orleans Opera
Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra
Nightlife - Let's just say that New Orleans has a lot to offer. But you're going to college to study, not go out on the town...right?
Music - New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz and that in and of itself makes this place special. It also has nurtured varieties of music that create a tapestry of creativity that can be found in no other city. Cajun music from nearby is played here. Cajun music's close relative, Zydeco inhabits music venues daily. Blues, rock, R&B, rap ... it's all here.
Sports - Despite New Orleans' relative size to other larger cities, it is a sports town with many professional options on any given weekend. The New Orleans Saints were the NFC West Champs in 2006 and are rebounding from 2007 with a new vigor. Saints games are worth every minute spent cheering. The Hornets had the best record in franchise history last year, so expect great things! The Zephyrs Triple-A baseball team provides summer fun. The VooDoo arena football team is New Orleans' newest pro sensation. And the Shell Shockers minor league soccer team gives you futbol fans something to cheer. New Orleans also regularly hosts national tournaments and events.

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